Frameworks Media and Archive Centre is a new not-for-profit organisation based in Cork.

Frameworks media and archive centre logoThe purpose of the Media Centre is to provide training, equipment and resources for community organisations in Cork to enable them to produce their own media for use across a range of platforms from social media to community television.

The Media Centre also houses a community media archive. This archive already includes many programmes on Cork’s rich history and heritage produced by local people about their own areas. It will also house all the new output from the Media Centre and will provide a rich social history of Cork for the generations to come.

Media plays a hugely important role in all our lives and so it is very important that all groups in society are in a position to make media about their own communities. However most groups still need assistance in producing media and this is where the Media Centre plays a vital role. Groups are encouraged to learn how to make programmes that reflect their own culture and to tell stories from their own communities. Training is held in all aspects of digital media production from developing an idea, through to production and editing. There are also workshops on media literacy.

The project is open to all communities but has a particular emphasis on marginalised groups and those who find it difficult to access the arts and education. Training for young people is also a priority and there are also opportunities for young people who have already undertaken some training in Cork to develop their skills and to bring those skills back to their own communities.